Our history

Restaurant El Lago in Marbella, awarded with a Michelin star and with Fernando Villasclaras heading the kitchen, is one of the pillars for the development of haute cuisine in Malaga over the last twenty years and, consequently, in the rest of Andalusia. Located in the heart of Elvira Hills at Greenlife Golf, El Lago offers an authentic, intimate and seasonal dining experience, where the main objective is to establish a close bond with a great team of local producers.

The history of El Lago began in 2000, when the restaurant of the Club House of Greenlife Golf was created in this idyllic space, a place that over time has become a current benchmark of Andalusian and Malaga haute cuisine, which has been able to maintain for more than 17 years the Michelin star awarded in 2005.



  • Seasonal Appetizers
    Sustainable vegetable consommé
  • Aloreña olive “butter” with steamed “mollete” by AOVE 
    Kuzu meringue, lactic cheese from Coin with pisto
  • Mini cucumber on melon with smoked tuna belly
  • Red prawns with garlic and caviar from Riofrío
  • Mini aubergine in Sherry with pine nut baba ganoush
  • Menu
    Beet and strawberries “porra” its tartare with green mustard
  • Green tomato with red tuna in traditional ajoblanco and grilled figs
  • Leeks from Guadalhorce in pepitoria and smoked romesco sauce
  • Beurre blanc of chard with shrimps
    Marbella red mullet with hollandaise of its livers
    Suckling goat with mustard and grilled endive
    La Axarquía. Sweet potatoes with cane honey, lychee and cinnamon
    Roasted parsnip with bay leaf sorbet, pear and pecan nuts
  • Seasonal strawberries in pickled sauce with vanilla lactic
  • Sweet petits-fours

PRICE: 120.00 € Per person VAT included

  • Tasting menu must be taken by the whole table
  • Local wine pairing: 45 € per person
  • National wine pairing: 53 € per person
  • International wine pairing: 80 € per person
  • Selection of Andalusian artisan cheese: 20.00 €


Pickled chicken millefeuille and foie, roasted apple and Sherry vinegar

Red tuna flower, grilled figs and traditional ajoblanco

Retinta sirloin steak tartare seasoned with yolk cured to the amontillado, pickled seasonal vegetables and oyster

Vegetables of the season with cold citrus pickle and avocado cream

Retinta loin tataki with mustard emulsion and raw vegetables

Beet and strawberries “porra”, its tartare, goat cheese and green mustard sorbet

Carpaccio of white shrimps from Motril with chard cream


Wild roasted sea bass, onions with fresh sprouts in season and spinach pesto

Red mullet with hot Andalusian majao of its livers

Fried wild turbot in black goat butter and pickles


Payoyo goat shoulder from Malaga with almond pepitoria and vegetable tabbouleh

Glazed rabbit with celeriac cream and “regaña” of their livers

Grilled veal sweetbreads in bigarade sauce and sage


Entrecote steak

Discarlux beef entrecote

Suckling goat chops from Malaga

Retinta filet steak



Caraïbe 66% chocolate mousse, Tonka bean and cherry sorbet

Figs millefeuille and pastry cream with kirsch

Coín cottage cheese cake with strawberries

Andalusian cheese selection (For 2 people)

The wine cellar

Our wine cellar is a key part of our enogastronomic project, founded on our belief that Málaga and Andalusia possess an enological diversity based on a thousand-year historical and cultural wine-making tradition. The daily work of passionate winegrowers and winemakers is based on this legacy, as well as the close, continuous and familiar contact of our director, Paco García, with all of them. The selection of wines in El Lago’s wine cellar comprises a fascinating proposal of more than 300 references, with special attention to the wines of our region of Andalusia and Malaga, together with references from other regions and appellations of origin in Spain and abroad. 


Born in Nerja (Malaga), Fernando grew up amidst the aromas of his grandmothers‘ tasty stews, developing a passion for cooking that he later expanded studying at the Hospitality School of Benahavís. His professional career was shaped at restaurants run by chefs where the natural ingredient is the essential basis of cooking. He worked at Sollum in Nerja, with Juan Quintanilla as his first mentor and at 1870 with Aitor Perurena. His view and his approach broadened and were strengthened after working at Mugaritz, following which he returned to the Costa del Sol. With his attitude, curiosity and knowledge, in each of his creations

Fernando reveals El Lago’s DNA: the authenticity and flavour of our territory and its natural ingredients.