Restaurante El Lago


The history of El Lago began in 2000, when the restaurant of the Greenlife Golf Club House was created in this idyllic space, a place that over time has become a current benchmark of Andalusian and Malaga haute cuisine, which has been able to maintain for more than 18 years the Michelin star awarded in 2005.

Recognised with a Michelin star and with Fernando Villasclaras at the head of its kitchen, it is one of the fundamental pieces of the development of haute cuisine in Malaga in the last twenty years and, consequently, in the rest of Andalusia.

El Lago offers an authentic, intimate, and seasonal culinary experience, where the main objective is to establish a close relationship with a great team of local producers.

During the day it transforms into Midi, a gastronomic proposal that emerged in 2020 to offer the local public a more casual option without losing the essence of the restaurant. Thus, Midi conveys to the customer, like Lago, a conscious attitude through its informal and creative proposal within the same space.


One of the pillars of the carefully selected gastronomic offer is the search for sustainability and the best products of the land, to which, by applying the most appropriate preparation techniques, we turn them into delicious bites with very different textures and flavours, managing to transmit the best of our roots. The Sazón menu is based on the creativity of the kitchen team with KM0 as inspiration.


Born in Nerja (Malaga), Fernando grew up amidst the aromas of his grandmothers‘ tasty stews, developing a passion for cooking that he later expanded studying at the Hospitality School of Benahavís. His professional career was shaped at restaurants run by chefs where the natural ingredient is the essential basis of cooking. He worked at Sollum in Nerja, with Juan Quintanilla as his first mentor and in 1870 with Aitor Perurena. His view and his approach broadened and were strengthened after working at Mugaritz, following which he returned to the Costa del Sol. With his attitude, curiosity and knowledge, in each of his creations

Fernando reveals El Lago’s DNA: the authenticity and flavour of our territory and its natural ingredients.