At El Lago, our philosophy based on proximity involves a close, direct and sincere relationship with a large family of suppliers, many of whom have been with us for more than 15 years. They are an essential part of the restaurant’s extraordinary team.

For us, the natural ingredients, whether fresh or processed at origin, is the primary and main element of our daily work. Without the absolute trust we have in all of our suppliers, it would be impossible to follow the path we have set ourselves to promote a local, seasonal and sustainable haute cuisine.

We are aware that at present this attitude is an indispensable prerequisite for the fine dining
customer, and thus feel happy to have started on this path 20 years ago. This is what we are and how we feel: united with all those skilled land and sea artisans, who bring us every day the best of their work.

Hence, one of our principles is that whoever visits us should get to know, in one way or another, these producers, their systems of production and the characteristics of their artisanal way of working.


Coín – Valle del Guadalhorce

The Hevilla family, led by Sebastián and Cristóbal, has been an essential part of the El Lago team for many years. This wonderful family is devoted to the tradition of organic farming, transmitted and maintained from one generation to the next, carrying out one of the typical and essential activities of the Guadalhorce Valley.

Thanks to intense daily work, they have managed to recover ancient varieties and species of plants that had not been cultivated for years, and have introduced new varieties that some consumers are not familiar with and that we have offered in our restaurant on numerous occasions. All their production is organic, seasonal, grown outdoors without the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides, contributing to the safeguard of everyone’s health and to organic farming that respects our planet.

QUESERÍA SIERRA CRESTELLINA “Artisan cheese factory”

Casares – Sierra Crestellina

At El Lago, Andalusian cheeses have been one of our main Malaga and Andalusian product since we began more than 20 years ago. One of our most special and closest relationship with suppliers is the one we have with master cheesemaker Juan Ocaña and his cheese factory Sierra Crestellina in Casares, where the daily work of his entire family, either out in the hills with the goats or in the cheese factory, offers much more than just one of the best Payoya goat cheeses in Andalusia and one of the best suckling goats of the same Payoya breed. 

Juan succeeds in conveying the real experience of the rural life of shepherding and the ancient craft of artisanal cheese making, highlighting this top-quality natural food, at a time when natural products are no longer commonplace. This natural connection, based on Juan Ocaña and Paco García‘s friendship and good work, allows our diners to enjoy extraordinary cheeses with an authentic taste, in this case from the surroundings of the Sierra Crestellina mountains.



Bread is one of the artisan products to which we attach the greatest value, meaning and importance at El Lago. We consider essential for bread to be present, accompanied by extra virgin olive oils, cheeses and the numerous dishes from our menu. 

For this reason, Pepe Navarro, a young, restless dough artisan at Panadería Ilustre who is obsessed with excellence, is a perfect ally. He works daily in direct contact with our chef Fernando Villasclaras to develop new products and formats. As a result, this third-generation bakery, founded in 1953, provides us with sourdough bread, ras al hanout and German breads, amongst others. 


“Torcal de Antequera” Nature Reserve

The meat of the renowned Malaga suckling goat [chivo lechal] products comes from a family-run livestock farm with more than 20 years of experience with this star of local goat stockbreeding. The goats of this 100% native Malaga breed graze in a unique area of the province near the Torcal de Antequera; this natural feeding results in meat and milk full of flavour and aromas. In addition, the meat is sustainable, since grazing has countless environmental advantages in comparison with the intensive breeding of other types of animal meat. CAPRISUR is currently the only company certified by the Malaga Goat Association [Asociación Cabra Malagueña] to sell the meat of the Malaga Suckling Goat “Chivo Lechal Malagueño”.